October 27, 2014

ScreenToGif : Powerful And EasyTool For Making GIFs from ScreenCast

ScreenToGif is a free executable utility that records a screencast and saves it as GIF. It doesn’t convert from an video format to a GIF, instead you record a GIF. You select the frame rate and the recording area, and when you click record, it starts to capture the GIF.

You can manage the playback rate, and choose to loop it and if that isn’t enough, the app also lets you add text to your GIF, insert title or image frames, and edit each individual frame. It is about as complete as a GIF making app gets and it’s fast.

As a GIF maker, ScreenToGif is suited for quick feature demos; it can capture the mouse cursor when recording the GIF and also show mouse clicks. Launch the app and resize the window so that the area you want to record fits inside it. You can set a custom frame size down to the pixel using the tools at the bottom of the window. In the box next to the stopwatch, you set the frame rate. The higher the frame rate, the better the quality of the GIF. Click Record when you’re ready.

You can manage the speed of the GIF, and enable a looped GIF from Image settings. In the app’s settings, you can select the output folder, enable cursor capturing, and disable the two second countdown that runs before recording begins.

Screen To Gif settings

When recording, you can pause a GIF, and resume it. Once the GIF has been recorded, it opens in an editor where you can watch it playback. ScreenToGif lets you add frames both from an image file, or a title frame from Options in the top bar. You can add captions, text, export frames, and delete everything after or before a certain point in the GIF. You also add a color filter to the GIF, pixelate or add a blur effect. Each individual frame can be edited. Use the arrows at the bottom right of the editor to move to the next or previous frame. Last but not least, you also have a free drawing tool in addition to the text and frame insertion features.

The GIF quality is excellent to say the least and there are no watermarks whatsoever on the final file. ScreenToGif isn’t meant for creating reaction GIFs foor witty internet comments. It is one of the best tools we’ve found for creating useful GIFs.

ScreenToGif Homepage | Source addictivetips.com

September 16, 2014

Impress Your Next Boss And Get The Job ! 3 Amazing Tips

You have received the interview call and you are pretty pepped up about it. So you have mugged up all the answers to the common questions, the documents have been sorted and neatly placed in a file, you have your resume ready (obviously written by a professional resume writer because you would not have taken any chances), the clothes are ironed and you are ready to go. But hold on for a moment. Are you really ready to face the dragons in the den?

Probably you are missing out on something. Here are 3 things that you must do for ensuring that your future boss is pretty impressed with you and this needs to happen during the interview itself.

Dress Appropriately 
The biggest question that comes to the mind while deciding the appropriate dress is whether to dress up formally or casually. The problem is that every interviewer wishes to see the interviewee in a proper attire that "reflects the corporate spirit". But this does not mean that you have to cram yourself in tight fitted clothes and going over the top with the bling-bling. Just be normal and wear what normal people wear formally. Wear clothes that are comfortable as it would help you to loosen up and this would prove to be a life saver if the interviewer has got you stuck in a difficult case analysis or any other question.

Be Confident 
Confidence is the mother of all interview-cracking secrets. If you are confident enough then you can convince the interviewer that the pen lying in front of you is actually a secret surveillance. Confidence also enables you to keep calm during stressful situations and you will be able to present yourself and your arguments in a better manner. There is nothing like a winning confidence, but don't go over the top with it. Overconfidence and under-confidence need to be avoided at all costs, that is if you still wish to get the job.

Pro Resume !
Resumes are instrumental in getting you the opportunity to face an interview. In order to make an outstanding first impression, get your resume prepared and get noticed by eminent recruiters. 

Now get out and start applying.

Article Source: EzineArticles

September 15, 2014

Android Wear watch introduced in Google keynote

Android Wear is intended to provide "information that moves with you" and so far it lives up to that promise. It puts the entire world inches from your suddenly-free fingertips.
It doesn't just tell the time. The wearable operating system makes suggestions based on time and it factors location into its context-sensitive data.

The best everyday habit example involves riding on a bus and seeing a Google Maps-powered notification countdown to an unfamiliar destination. "4 stops to: Jackson St." intelligently reads the watch. The scary guessing game is taken out of a public transit commute.

The new technology also tips off wearers to dangers that lurk, as demonstrated in Google's first Android Wear video. A "Jellyfish warning" prompt can be seen with a surfer's flick of the wrist.

A relevant list of nearby beaches saves the video's early adopters who can surf without worrying about the sting of the boneless and brainless ocean creature. Yes, it could save your life, or at least save you a lot of pain.

All of a sudden, digging that rectangular smartphone or, worse, phablet out of your pocket and pulling up a much more involved map or notification app seems so pedestrian.

The Android Wear smartwatch selection is expanding, but you can only buy the LG and Samsung models right now. Motorola, Sony and Asus watches are coming soon, and LG has another up its sleeve.

Android Wear shows more promise on day one than Google Glass has in its year of availability because it's not a stretch to imagine donning Moto 360, LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live.
Since only two of the three watches have released, there are still plenty of questions left to be answered about its future, especially its battery life going forward.

Then there's the question of iOS compatibility. Would Android-powered watches ever be able to connect to an iOS 8 device? Google has made plenty of its gadgets, app and services work with Apple's iPhone and iPad hardware.

We're looking forward to seeing how natural the "Okay Google" voice commands progress and if Google-owned Nest creates an Android Wear project of its own.

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September 10, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Comparaison with the Galaxy Note 4, LG G3 Stylus, and LG G Flex

After a fair amount of time spent bashing Android smartphones for their unwieldy size by Apple fans, the Cupertino company has submitted to the demands of the public and released a phablet of its own. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus shares a majority of the specs as the iPhone 6, but has some tricks of its own to set it apart. 
Of course, the iPhone 6 Plus is going head to head with the latest version of the phablet that started it all, the tried and true Samsung Galaxy Note series, along with many other phablets. Below is a chart showing how the iPhone 6 Plus compares to some new and some not-so-new Android phablets. 
For a comparison of the smaller iPhone 6 model, head over to this article.

Apple's biggest iPhone stacks up well against Android phablets, but it's expensive, too.

Apple's phablet holds its own
iPhone Plus ships with a large, 5.5-inch display, firmly solidifying its presence in the phablet market, and there’s little doubt it’ll sell like hotcakes. It may lack the stylus of the Galaxy Note series, but that’s not terribly surprising, as not everyone really cares about that type of input, and Apple has shown little interest in pursuing styluses even on the iPad.
Of course, the iPhone 6 Plus ships with a Retina display, which is just a fancy way for Apple to create it’s own display marketing, and incidentally, get away with not having an iPhone with an HD display: a trend that started in 2011 for Android phones. Rejoice, then, as the larger iPhone 6 Plus has a 1080p Full HD display!
Of course, pixel density is what really counts in smartphone and tablet screens, and Apple has done a decent job in this department, pushing high-PPI displays before Android..
With a pixel density of 401 PPI, the iPhone 6 Plus easily bests the likes of the mid-range G3 Stylus and the almost year-old G Flex, it can't compete with the 2K displays found on high-end phablets, like the new Note 4.

The Apple A8 processor is a beast (we think)
Featuring the new A8 processor and M8 co-processor, the iPhone 6’s bigger brother is just as powerful the 4.7-inch model. The Plus is going to be a snappy piece of kit out of the box, but exact details are still on the sketchy side.
What Apple discloses about the A8 processor notwithstanding, it’ll take time time to find out exactly what’s under the hood of the new chip, including how much RAM the A8 comes with. This also makes it hard to compare the A8 to existing processors on the market that ship in Android phones. By and far the hottest of them all would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, which is found on the new Galaxy Note 4.
Bottom of Form
The A7 was a blazing fast processor, and Apple claims the A8 is has a 25% faster CPU and 50% faster GPU, so we expect it to hold its own against Android phones through the coming year.
We should note that Apple doesn't give battery specs, but claims that the iPhone 6 Plus will last two hours more than the 4.7-inch version when browsing the web, and has nearly twice the talk time and audio playback time. There's definitely a much bigger battery in there, but the larger screen eats away at it when activities call for screen-on time.

Enhanced iSight camera
As a follow-up to the last generation iSight camera, the iPhone Plus has an updated sensor for the 8 megapixel shooter. While a vast majority of Android smartphone surpassed the use of 8 megapixel cameras a few years ago, Apple hasn’t seen the need to, and for good reason. It's still a solid camera that takes great photos, no matter how you spin it. 
The camera features are identical between the 6 and the 6 Plus, including super slo-mo 240fps video recording, enhanced panorama, and phase detection autofocus.
One of the few differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is that the latter comes with optical image stabilization (OIS). A feature that's still isn't found in too many Android smartphones today, the OIS on the iPhone 6 Plus should have a lot of people excited. 
The FaceTime camera has seen very few updates. It's still the 1.2 megapixel shooter found on the previous iPhone, but it now has a slightly wider aperture (f/2.2 instead of f/2.4), Burst photo mode, and HDR for videos. 

NFC finally makes an appearance with Apple Pay
A feature that Apple's really been lagging behind implementing NFC into its smartphones, and it, along with Apple Pay has been introduced with the new iPhone lineup. While Android smartphones have been shipping with these NFC chips for years, the payment system backing them, Google Wallet, never got off the ground. 
Now that Apple's in the game, there's a good chance that Tap to Pay will actually become a "thing" now. With Apple's marketing prowess, mobile payments could take off in a way that it'll even benefit its competition in the process. 
More expensive than the standard model
Unsurprisingly, the iPhone Plus will cost more than the 4.7-inch model. This is the case for a handful of Android phablets, and Apple's premium hardware and design wil run you $300 for a 16GB version on a new contract. You'll just need to think about how important an extra 0.8-inches of screen real estate is to you. 

July 21, 2014

Avant De Démissionner, Préparez-vous !

Démissionner, c’est quitter l’entreprise dans laquelle vous travaillez. Cela signifie la quitter « proprement », sans stress, sans heurts et sans dégâts. C'est partir léger, sans rien à se reprocher, rien à regretter non plus. C'est également agir de manière à ce que la transition se fasse naturellement et simplement. Sans cicatrices derrière, sans angoisse devant. 

1. Informez-en votre entreprise (par oral puis par écrit)
Il est nécessaire, voire impératif et incontournable, dans le but de pouvoir négocier votre départ correctement, de penser à en informer le plus rapidement possible votre supérieur hiérarchique ainsi que la DRH, sitôt votre proposition d’embauche ferme en mains. Commencez par l’annoncer oralement et confirmez l’information par une lettre de démission (envoyée en recommandé-accusé de réception). 

Pensez à bien rappeler, dans le corps de votre courrier :  
- votre état-civil,
- une phrase annonçant votre décision de démission ainsi que la date de votre départ (compte tenu de la période de préavis),
- une phrase indiquant quel poste vous occupiez et depuis quelle date. 
Sachez qu’il n’est nullement obligatoire d’indiquer le motif de votre démission dans cette lettre. 

2. Indiquez le(s) motif(s) de votre décision à votre N+1
Pour que votre employeur n’ait pas l’impression, à un moment donné, d’avoir été lésé ou trahi par votre décision, pensez à lui exprimer clairement que ce nouvel emploi est une réelle opportunité pour votre carrière professionnelle et expliquez-lui-même en quoi. Demandez-lui, éventuellement, de se mettre à votre place.

3. Conservez vos esprits et votre sang-froid 
Soyez posé, modéré, efficace, sobre et neutre. Vous partez, oui, mais il est absolument inutile de revenir sur les amertumes passées ou les déceptions. Ne les évoquez pas. Ce n’est nullement le moment et cela ne pourrait que vous desservir. En effet, le monde est petit et il est fort probable que vous retrouviez des collègues de votre employeur actuel sur votre chemin, que ce soit en tant que fournisseurs, clients ou collaborateurs. Ne vous fermez aucunes portes en disant ce que vous pourriez venir à regretter, de près ou de loin. 

4. Revoyez votre préavis
La durée de votre préavis, bien que clairement définie par la convention collective, les usages ou votre contrat de travail, demeure parfaitement négociable. C'est ici que l'Humain fait la différence, même dans un cadre professionnel. Il est donc en votre pouvoir de faire modifier les dates prévues, si cela s’avérait nécessaire. 

Conserver des relations cordiales et positives avec votre supérieur hiérarchique est un atout majeur pour le présent mais aussi pour l’avenir. Vous ignorez de quoi demain sera fait et si vous ne repasserez pas par cette entreprise, un peu plus tard, à un poste encore plus intéressant … 

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